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We might find that simply placing a banner on our web site takes us 15 hrs! Not 15 minutes, and so on, until our eyes are bleeding

Bill Boyd has been in business for over 20 years, he has recently begun to realize the enormous potential that the internet has to offer. He fully understands the difficulties many newbies face when s

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A man once asked: ?Why are you in business? Dumb question! Answer; because I want to make more money, and have more time.

So doesn?t that pretty much sum it up for most of us?

We all work at least one job, and some of us work two or three, and then try to find time to build our ?part time 15 minutes a day? online empire!

So we start out full of passion and enthusiasm, and enjoy the challenge always thinking about being able to make money online.

Unfortunately it rarely happens over night, and if WE DON?T KNOW ANYTHING about html, we might find that simply placing a banner on our web site takes us 15 hrs! Not 15 minutes, and so on, until our eyes are bleeding, our patience has run away somewhere, we?re having trouble with our day job, our friends think we?re a foolish for trying, and our ?significant other? thinks we?re having an affair!

So what happens? We look at our options; according to ?Maslow?s hierarchy of needs? and come up with the following:

ADDICTIONS: We start to depend on some kind of escape (Alcohol, drugs, food, withdrawing, etc)

NECESSITIES OF LIFE: (Physiological needs) Food and shelter, where does food come from? The money we make from working. Where does shelter come from? The money we earn to pay the rent/mortgage. So do we quit the day job? No way! That?s the only thing keeping us alive!

Forget the rest of our needs! If we can?t meet these first two needs we won?t even attempt to obtain other lofty ideals.

SO WHAT HAS TO HAPPEN in order to ensure we meet the second need?

The biggest thing (in our minds) that?s holding us back from obtaining THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE, it takes from the money we earn to buy food, it threatens our day job, it also threatens those higher ideals of relationships and belonging.
So we make the decision (because we always have a choice, more on that another time) without even consciously thinking about it! THE INTERNET!
It?s the evil thing stopping us from being able to survive!

IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM! Where did it start? It started to become a problem when we spent too much time trying to fix the dam HTML, in the banner or email redirect or image insertion!


ANSWER: Manage our time, and learn some basic html script insertion tricks.

To make changes to a web page you need an html composer.

Here?re few quick tips that might save time:

NOTE: all examples have an extra space at the beginning to make this article publishable. So is really

How to insert a CLICK HERE

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Click Here!
(this is the basic code)


The above, MIGHT be how it looks in your html composer, the lay out might be different but the spaces are the same,

To see the code in a page that is ?alive? on your browser; here?s what you do; you right click in the middle of a ?live? page on your browser, then click on the drop down ?view source? in IE or ?view page source? in Mozilla, the lay out might be different but the spaces are the same.

If you want to make the link open a new page, (A good idea because your page stays on your prospects desk top.) inset this code after the URL.

” target=”_blank”

Like this: Click Here!

This kind of thing is easy to do if you have an example like this.

If we take the time to learn a few tricks it may help us all to start aiming for the higher goals in Maslow?s theory.

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