Title: Buying New Car Blues

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Buying New Car Blues is a phenomenon as far as most of us are concerned. Have you ever bought a car? Have you ever dealt with car dealers? If your answer is no, you have got to read this, if your answer is yes, you are going to enjoy reading this.

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When we think of buying a new car, we rarely have the initial ?buying new car blues?, until the thoughts actually begin to come?.thoughts of actually having to go through the ugly process of dealing with a dealership.

?Why do we have to go through this,? is often one of our first thoughts, as getting the blues is not what we actually desire. We want this to be an enjoyable experience?one that we will remember in a positive manner for years to come?as we enjoy the new vehicle sitting in our driveway or garage?or better yet as we motor on down the road?feeling the way this new baby takes the corners.

However, there seems to be such a terrible taste in our mouths after we have been through the traditional process in America?which results in the ?buying new car blues?.

It’s awful. Really it is. How can you take such a huge occasion in someone’s life and turn it into such a miserable experience?well my opinion is you just add the dealership to the equation?that’s how. Awful!

Buying New Car Blues is a phenomenon as far as I am concerned. You roll over in bed the morning of your purchase. You kiss your spouse or significant loved one?knowing that today is the day that you will add a new vehicle to the family. Very exciting indeed.

You pack up the car with the two kids (big mistake as you didn’t remember that this process take about 20 hours) and you head on down to the dealership. You pull up to the lot and are greeted by a big ?cheesy? grin from a guy named Gus who claims that today is his first day.

He immediately begins with a line of questioning as if you were being ?cross-examined? for a robbery down the street at the local convenience store (mind you?today is his first day).

You find the vehicle that you are interested in, drive it?then the real hell starts.

As you return on your test drive?he throws the corny line out? ?Hey?why don’t you park the car over there in the sold line?? Ok, really?I am not 6 years old?and I do realize that there is NO ?sold line?.

You wander on inside to ?give your offer??your two kids and spouse are being as patient as any humans could possibly be?giving you a quick glance every time and again to ensure that you have not ?lost your patience yet?.

You sit down in the booth?no calculator?no computers?no TV to pacify the kids?no newspaper?no nothing?and ?Gus? begins asking your life story. Name, Rank and Serial Number please. 87 references?. ?And no?we will never call them?it’s just for the bank? is his reply. He then whips out his ?4 square??you know the one?the one by the end of the battle that has 18 different colors of ?Sharpie? on it?telling you that you don’t know a thing about automobiles?what they cost?and what you should pay. Talk about demoralizing?and the onslaught of ?buying new car blues?.

You finally agree to a price?a payment?and are patted on the back from Fred?the CLOSER? (he has been at the dealership for more than 1 day we are sure)?and assisted down the hall to meet ?JAKE?, the ?Business Manager? that is ?just going to tie up the paperwork?you know?dot the ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘T’s’.

Jake starts in on how stupid you would be if you don’t buy this and don’t buy that?and how your new car is going to brake in half tomorrow?and you better be covered??.sheesh. ENOUGH!

Buying new car blues! It is a phenomenon. What else could you have such great thoughts of?that ultimately turn into such a terrible experience?

Really?I challenge you to find a distant rival.

I advise everyone to pass on this experience all together?as there is a better way?and a way to eliminate the ?buying new car blues?.

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